Young Consumers’ Boycotting Profiles in the UK and Finland: A Comparative Analysis

Tuominen, J., Rantala, E., Tolvanen, A., Luoma-aho, V., & Wilska, T.-A.

Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 1–22.


This study uses latent profile analysis to identify boycotting subgroups within Finland and the UK and to explore their potential differences across countries. These subgroups are based on how young British and Finnish consumers assess that reference groups and their personal experiences have influenced their boycotting decisions.

This study is based on comparative data obtained from the UK (n = 1,236) and Finland (n = 1,219).

We identified four boycotting profiles: unlikely to be influenced, influenced by personal things, likely to be influenced, and moderately likely to be influenced. Our findings are especially relevant to consumer researchers, brands, and companies.

Keywords: Boycotting, consumer behavior, comparative analysis, reference group influence, latent profile analysis

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