Tutkijoiden artikkeleja, kirjoja ja raportteja

Research article • Tuominen, J., Rantala, E., Tolvanen, A., Luoma-aho, V., & Wilska, T.-A.

Young Consumers’ Boycotting Profiles in the UK and Finland: A Comparative Analysis

Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 1–22.

This study uses latent profile analysis to identify boycotting subgroups within Finland and the UK and to explore their potential differences across countries. These subgroups are based on how young British and Finnish consumers assess that reference groups and their personal experiences have influenced their boycotting decisions.

This study is based on comparative data obtained from the UK (n = 1,236) and Finland (n = 1,219). We identified four boycotting profiles: unlikely to be influenced, influenced by personal things, likely to be influenced, and moderately likely to be influenced. Our findings are especially relevant to consumer researchers, brands, and companies.

Politiikkasuositus • Katariina Salmela-Aro, Kimmo Alho, Kirsti Lonka, Katja Upadyaya, Janica Vinni-Laakso & Inka Ronkainen

Kouluyhteisön hyvinvointi ja digitaalisuus tasapainoon

Politiikkasuositus on tehty yhteistyössä seuraavien tutkimushankkeiden kanssa: Growing Mind, Bridging the Gaps, DigiConsumers, EduRescue, ySkills, Agents.

Monitieteisiin seurantatutkimuksiin perustaen suositamme, että koulun kehittämisessä tulisi huomioida:
1. opettajien digiosaamisen kehittäminen
2. kattava digitaalinen infrastruktuuri kouluihin
3. hyvinvointi, sosiaalinen vuorovaikutus ja digitaalisuus tasapainoon

Report • Mette Ranta

Young people’s financial capability Taking care of your finances is taking care of yourself

University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland, July 2022

  • What are financial literacy and financial capability?
  • The Covid-19 pandemic has increased personal concern over finances
  • Financial literacy may differ significantly among youth
  • How to promote youth financial capability and resilience?
  • Towards a new era in terms of financial literacy – and financial capability

Research article • Mette Ranta, Milla Kruskopf, Marilla Kortesalmi, Panu Kalmi and Kirsti Lonka

Entrepreneurship as a Neglected Pitfall in Future Finnish Teachers’ Readiness to Teach 21st Century Competencies and Financial Literacy: Expectancies, Values, and Capability

The aim of this study was to examine entrepreneurship in the context of future Finnish teachers’ readiness to teach 21st century (broad-based) competencies. Teachers’ self-efficacy in teaching entrepreneurial skills and financial matters is vital for their pupils to actively participate and flourish in future society. The study utilized survey data of future teachers’ expectancy-values in teaching seven broad-based competencies of the current national curriculum and their financial literacy.

Research article • Anu Sirola, Julia Nuckols, Jussi Nyrhinen & Terhi-Anna Wilska

The use of the Dark Web as a COVID-19 information source: A three-country study

Technology in Society, Volume 70, August 2022, 102012


  • The Dark Web is known to contain risky COVID-19 information and forged certificates.
  • COVID-19 skepticism is related to Dark Web use as an information source.
  • Loneliness and high engagement in online activities are related to Dark Web use as an information source.
  • The unregulated nature of the Dark Web makes it a risky alternative to official COVID-19 information.
  • The Dark Web poses various risks particularly for vulnerable individuals.

Research article • Matti Mäntymäki, A.K.M. Najmul Islam, Ofir Turel & Amandeep Dhir

Coping with pandemics using social network sites: A psychological detachment perspective to COVID-19 stressors

Technological Forecasting and Social Change


  • We examine psychological detachment from the COVID-19 pandemic through SNS (social network sites) use.
  • We place perceived isolation and work-family conflict as COVID-specific stressors.
  • Work-family conflict drives psychological detachment through SNS use.
  • Perceived isolation does not drive psychological detachment through SNS use.

Research article • Sonali Srivastava, Terhi-Anna Wilska & Johanna Sjöberg

Girls’ portrayals in fast fashion advertisements

Consumption Markets & Culture

This study analyses the visual construction of girls and notions surrounding young femininities articulated by 15 contemporary advertisements of Nordic fast fashion companies, available on their public Facebook pages in Finland. A visual discourse analysis identifies some blatantly stereotypical and a few complex visual constructions of girls as heterosexual, caring, innocent, sexy posers, active self-presenters and self-surveyors, carefree and environmental activists.

Research article • Lammassaari, H., Hietajärvi, L., Salmela-Aro, K., Hakkarainen, K., & Lonka, K.

Exploring the relations among teachers’ epistemic theories, work engagement, burnout and the contemporary challenges of the teacher profession

Frontiers in Psychology 13:861437

Current educational reforms concerning curricula and digitalization challenge educators to meet new demands for learning and schooling. What is common for current educational reforms is that they tend to emphasize competencies that are not related to the traditional subject-matters and reflect a stance which presents learning as a naturally reflective and collaborative act.

Research article • Maksniemi, E., Hietajärvi, L., Ketonen, E. E., Lonka, K., Puukko, K. T., & Salmela-Aro, K.

Intraindividual associations between active social media use, exhaustion, and bedtime vary according to age—A longitudinal study across adolescence

Journal of Adolescence 94(3): 401-414.

The majority of adolescents engage with others online, and using social media is one of their top activities. However, there is little longitudinal evidence addressing whether active social media use is associated with study-related emotional exhaustion or delayed bedtime at the individual level of development during adolescence.

Research article • Nissinen, T., Maksniemi, E., Rothmann, I. & Lonka, K.

Balancing work life: Job crafting, work engagement, and workaholism in the Finnish public sector

Frontiers in Psychology, 13, 817008. DOI: 10.3389/fpsyg.2022.817008

The aim of this study was to investigate how job crafting, work engagement, and workaholism were related in public sector organizations. The participants (N = 213) were civil servants from three Finnish public organizations, representing different professions, such as school personnel, secretaries, directors, parking attendants, and ICT specialists.

This study highlighted the relevance of employees learning to balance their job resources and demands.

Tutkimusartikkeli • Engberg, E., Hietajärvi, L., Maksniemi, E., Lahti, J. M., Lonka, K., Salmela-Aro, K., & Viljakainen, H.

The longitudinal associations between mental health indicators and digital media use and physical activity during adolescence: A latent class approach. Mental health and physical activity.

• We conducted a 4-year follow-up study in adolescents.
• We assessed mental health indicators at 11 years of age.
• We assessed physical activity and different types of digital media use at 15 years of age.
• We identified four behavior profiles of digital media use and physical activity.
• Physical activity and related self-esteem were the strongest predictors for later behavior profiles.

Research article • Abdulhamed, R., Lonka, K., Hietajärvi, L., Ikonen, R., & Klemetti, R.

Anxiety and depression symptoms and their association with discrimination and a lack of social support among first- and second-generation immigrant adolescents

International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 87, 193. [0147-1767].

The focus in the present study is on how experienced discrimination, being able to discuss personal matters with parents, and having someone to discuss personal worries with relate to symptoms of depression and generalized anxiety among first- and second-generation immigrant-background adolescents (aged 14–15) living in Finland.

It was alarming that 42 per cent of the first-generation immigrant group reported that they could not discuss their personal worries with anyone, and more than one-fifth of these youth hardly ever talked about personal matters with their parents.

Podcast • Kirsti Lonka with Otto Rantanen & Aatu Veikkola

Uskalla yrittää -podcast

. (2022). Uskalla yrittää -podcast: Opiskeluvinkkejä ja kokeisiin valmistautuminen. Nuori Yrittäjyys ry. (40 min)

Kasvatuspsykologian professori Kirsti Lonka kertoo tutkimustensa pohjalta kaiken opiskelemisesta, kun on aika valmistautua ylioppilas- tai pääsykokeisiin! Tärkeätä eivät ole tekniikat vaan lähestymistapa, eikä muistaminen vaan ymmärtäminen. Kuullaan myös hyvästä tauosta ja muistiinpanoista. Entä miten matikan opiskelu liittyy maratoniin treenaamiseen? Juontajina Otto Rantanen ja Aatu Veikkola.

Research article • Jesse Tuominen, Eero Rantala, Hanna Reinikainen, Vilma Luoma-aho & Terhi-Anna Wilska

The brighter side of materialism: Managing impressions on social media for higher social capital

University of Jyväskylä

This study examines how young people’s materialistic values connect with status-seeking impression management on social media, and subsequently to social capital, within the same model. Eight hundred Finnish participants aged 15–19 participated in our structured phone survey.

Artikkeli • Arto K. Ahonen

Kouluerot puntarissa – Resurssit ja sosioekonominen profiili

Raportissa Lukutaito – Tie tulevaisuuteen: PISA 2018 Suomen pääraportti, sivut 261-285.

Koulujen resurssit, rakenteet ja oppimisympäristöt ovat kuuluneet rehtoreille osoitettavan koulukyselyn keskeiseen sisältöön PISAtutkimuksen alusta lähtien. Kansainvälisten vertailuiden koulukyselyaineistojen tarkasteluissa pääasiallinen huomio kiinnittyy siihen, miten koulun taustatekijät ovat yhteydessä koulun oppilaiden osaamiseen ja sen vaihteluun.


Artikkeli • Tanja Kirjavainen & Kati Laine

Sukupuoli, ei-kognitiiviset piirteet ja talousosaaminen osaamisjakauman eri kohdissa PISA-tutkimuksessa

Raportissa Lukutaito – Tie tulevaisuuteen: PISA 2018 Suomen pääraportti, sivut 167-193.

Talousosaamisesta on tullut yhä tärkeämpi taito nyky-yhteiskunnassa. Hyvää talousosaamista tarvitaan, sillä talousasioihin liittyvä päätöksenteko on entistä haastavampaa, koska digitaalisen teknologian ja globalisaation aikakaudella esimerkiksi rahoitustuotteiden ja -palveluiden määrä ja monimuotoisuus on lisääntynyt ja yksilön vastuu tekemistään talouspäätöksistä kasvanut.


Research article • Niina Sormanen, Hanna Reinikainen & Terhi-Anna Wilska

Strategies of Eliciting Young People’s Affective and Quick Participation in a Youth Magazine’s Instagram Community

Traditional media have merged with social media and pursue to produce engaging content and form relationships with online audiences.

The study produces valuable, detailed information regarding young people’s online participation preferences and the potential of traditional media in engaging with online youth audiences.

Research article • Silinskas, G., Ahonen, A. & Wilska, T-A

Financial literacy among Finnish adolescents in PISA 2018: the role of financial learning and dispositional factors

The aim or the present study was to examine the relative importance of financial education in school and families and dispositional factors (competitiveness, work mastery, meta-cognition) in predicting financial literacy among Finnish adolescents. The data on the 4328 Finnish 15-year-olds was drawn from the PISA 2018 assessment.

Large-scale Assessments in Education  9, Article 24  (open access)

Symposium Proceeding • Kortesalmi, M., Autio, M., & Ranta, M.

Evolving financial capability of vulnerable consumers in day-to-day practices

2021 AFCPE Symposium Proceedings (Ed. A. Betz-Hamilton), 131-143.

Vulnerable consumers face many challenges in current financial environment. They have a higher risk of
financial hardships, limited resources, and a shortage of skills to avoid harsh financial circumstances. The
purpose of this study is to enlighten the characteristics of financial capability process and the sources of
self-efficacy information in vulnerable consumers’ day-to-day practices the financial coaching project

Symposium Proceeding • Kortesalmi, M., Autio, M., & Ranta, M.

Evolving financial capability of vulnerable consumers in day-to-day practices

2021 AFCPE Symposium Proceedings (Ed. A. Betz-Hamilton), 131-143.

Vulnerable consumers face many challenges in current financial environment. They have a higher risk of
financial hardships, limited resources, and a shortage of skills to avoid harsh financial circumstances. The
purpose of this study is to enlighten the characteristics of financial capability process and the sources of
self-efficacy information in vulnerable consumers’ day-to-day practices the financial coaching project

Artikkeli • Heidi Lammassaari, Lauri Hietajärvi, Kirsti Lonka, Sufen Chen & Chin-Chung Tsai

Teachers’ epistemic beliefs and reported practices in two cultural contexts

Teachers’ epistemic beliefs may have consequences for their pedagogical work. We used previously developed scales to assess epistemic beliefs that teachers hold about learning, knowledge and knowing, and how they report putting such ideas into practice. The scales consisted of self-reported Likert-type statements considering collaborative knowledge building, valuing metacognition, certainty of knowledge, and a surface approach to learning.

Book • Talvio, M., & Lonka, K. (Eds.)

International Approaches to Promoting Social and Emotional Learning in Schools: A Framework for Developing Teaching Strategy

Routledge, Taylor & Francis. ISBN (painettu) 9780367553319, (elektroninen) 9781003093053.

This book explores the importance of social and emotional learning (SEL) in schools to foster supportive environments and good relationships. It presents research from nine different countries with discussion of how teachers, student teachers and policymakers can ensure successful SEL at school.

The book stresses the importance of social and emotional learning to allow students to become more autonomous and active in their own learning and presents very innovative ways of learning and teaching the skills.

Research article • Talvio, M., Hietajärvi, L., & Lintunen, T.

The challenge of sustained behavioral change – the development of teachers social and emotional learning (SEL) during and after a Lions Quest workshop

International Approaches to Promoting Social and Emotional Learning in Schools: A Framework for Developing Teaching Strategy (pp. 207-219). Routledge, Taylor & Francis.

Many teachers seek their ways to the continuous teacher training to increase their pedagogical skills in SEL. But how sustained such benefits are in the long-term? This original empirical study aimed at investigating stability and change of teachers’ perceived competence, importance, and knowledge in SEL before, immediately after, and in six months follow-up of a Lions Quest (LQ) teachers’ SEL workshop.

Chapter • Talvio, M., & Lonka, K.

Introduction. The importance of social and emotional learning in the school context – international perspectives

In International Approaches to Promoting Social and Emotional Learning in Schools: A Framework for Developing Teaching Strategy. Routledge, Taylor & Francis.

Promoting social and emotional learning (SEL) is widely recommended in literature, because it promotes good relationships. It also helps to foster supportive and student-engaging instruction and to design learning environments accordingly. Through SEL students learn to become more autonomous and active in their own learning processes, which often leads them to improved academic performance (Zins, 2004). However, there are many challenges influencing the implementation of the social and emotional learning in the school context. It is important to understand various processes of the development of SEL and how it works in various cultural contexts.

Chapter • Lonka, K., & Talvio, M.

Epilogue: Towards an integrative view of social and emotional learning

In International Approaches to Promoting Social and Emotional Learning in Schools: A Framework for Developing Teaching Strategy. Routledge, Taylor & Francis.

The authors who contributed to the chapters in the present book volume expanded our horizons about the richness and variation in the ways of approaching the complex phenomenon of social and emotional learning (SEL) in the school context. They described in various ways, how readiness to teach SEL is essential in fostering human growth and flourishing in teachers, their students and in the whole community. In this last chapter, it is time to give an integrated perspective of the SEL theory and the challenges of the future.

Report • Wilska, T., Sirola, A., Nuckols, J., Nyrhinen, J.

A year of COVID-19 in three countries – A study on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on everyday life, consumption and digital behaviour in Finland, Sweden, and Great Britain

(2021). A year of COVID-19 in three countries – A study on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on everyday life, consumption and digital behaviour in Finland, Sweden, and Great Britain. YFI julkaisuja.9. Jyväskylän yliopisto.

Raportti • Eija Seppänen

TAT Nuorten tulevaisuusraportti 2021: Nuorten ajatuksia, asenteita ja odotuksia

Tämän julkaisun tavoitteena on välittää nuorten ajatuksia, asenteita ja odotuksia työelämästä.

Nuorten työelämämaisemat -julkaisuun on nostettu kolme ilonaihetta ja kolme huolenaihetta, joista on käyty asiantuntijoiden kanssa keskustelua mm. tulosten julkistamisen yhteydessä toukokuussa sekä Suomi Areenalla heinäkuussa.

Raportti • Wilska, T., Sirola, A., Nuckols, J., Nyrhinen, J.

Koronavuosi kolmessa maassa : tutkimus COVID-19 -pandemian vaikutuksista arkeen, kulutukseen ja digikäyttäytymiseen Suomessa, Ruotsissa ja Iso-Britanniassa.

Väestöryhmittäin tarkasteltuna nuorten aikuisten ikäryhmä erottui monin tavoin. Nuoret olivat aktiivisimpia digikäyttäjiä, ja he olivat myös ostaneet verkkokaupoista pandemia-aikana muita ikäryhmiä aktiivisemmin. Nuoret kaipasivat myös ulkomaille nopeasti pandemian hellitettyä. Myös pandemia-ajan negatiiviset vaikutukset, kuten työllistymisen ongelmat ja lomautukset, koskettivat erityisesti nuoria aikuisia. Lisäksi pandemian aikainen yksinäisyys ja rahapeliongelmat sekä huoli omasta henkisestä hyvinvoinnista ja taloudellisesta toimeentulosta korostuivat nuorilla aikuisilla.

Tutkimusartikkeli • Berg, Minna; Talvio, Markus; Hietajärvi, Lauri; Benitez, Isabel; Cavioni, Valeria; Conte, Elisabetta; Cuadrado, Francisco; Ferreira, Marco; Kosir, Matej; Martinsone, Baiba; Ornaghi, Veronica; Raudiene, Irena; Sukyte, Daiva; Talic, Sanela; Lonka, Kirsti

The Development of Teachers’ and Their Students’ Social and Emotional Learning During the “Learning to Be Project”-Training Course in Five European Countries

The results indicated that there was a favorable development in the intervention group in some of the measured skills among students, but the effects were different for the two age groups. This study adds to both theoretical and practical development of continuing teacher training about SEL and its possible role in reducing problem behavior among the students.


Tutkimusartikkeli • Panu Kalmi, Gianluca Trotta, Andrius Kažukauskas

Energy-related financial literacy and electricity consumption: Survey-based evidence from Finland

Gender has a strong association with energy-related financial literacy. Our results also indicate that households of respondents with higher levels of energy-related financial literacy tend to consume less electricity when we control for other factors such as dwelling and household characteristics. This implies that measures to promote energy-related financial literacy might guide consumers’ decisions toward energy efficiency and conservation.

Review • Nannan Xi & Juho Hamari

Shopping in virtual reality: A literature review and future agenda

Virtual reality (VR) refers to technologies for substituting the perceived reality. With the recent proliferation of consumer-grade head-mounted VR displays, several industries have started to wake up to the possible potential of virtual reality. One typical area in the early stages of the adoption of these technologies is marketing, and especially its sub-areas of retail and shopping

Tutkimusartikkeli • Thomas K. F. Chiu, Tzung-Jin Lin & Kirsti Lonka

Motivating Online Learning: The Challenges of COVID-19 and Beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted students’ opportunities to learn worldwide. Students and teachers have been forced to shift from traditional classrooms to emergency online / remote learning. They face key challenges in adapting practices away from a focus on face-to-face learning to an online learning environment mediated by various forms of technology. The pandemic reveals the urgent need to augment the educational system’s technological infrastructure, expand the teachers’ pedagogical expertise and the students’ learning repertoire.


Selvitys • Olli-Pekka Ruuskanen, Mats Godenhielm, Saara Vaahtoniemi, Panu Kalmi

Positiivisen luottotietorekisterin vaikutukset luotonantoon ja ylivelkaantumiseen

Valtioneuvoston selvityksiä: Selvityksessä tarkastellaan positiivisen luottotietorekisterin vaikutuksia luotonantajiin, luotonhakijoihin sekä rahoitusmarkkinoiden vakautta valvoviin viranomaisiin. Selvitys on tehty tausta-aineistoksi positiivista luottotietorekisteriä koskevalle lainsäädäntöhankkeelle.

Chapter • Ranta, M., Grönlund, H., & Pessi , A. B.

What is above everything? Conceptions of the sacred among Finnish youth

Teoksessa E. Kuusisto, M. Ubani, P. Nokelainen, & A. Toom (toim.), Good Teachers for Tomorrow’s Schools: Purpose, Values, and Talents in Education (111-128). (Moral Development and Citizenship Education; Vuosikerta 16). Brill.

Individuals’ conceptions and understandings of the sacred illustrate the deepest levels of their identity and spiritualty. Our chapter presents the findings of our research based on representative data from Finnish youth.

Research article • Milla Kruskopf, Elina E. Ketonen & Mikael Mattlin

Playing out diplomacy: gamified realization of future skills and discipline-specific theory

Teaching and Learning. European Political Science volume 20, pages698–722 (2021)

Future horizons, shaped by unpredictable ecosystems and exponential automation, require discipline-specific as well as transdisciplinary skills to navigate. In the context of political science education, negotiation simulations, for example in the form of board games, can aid in developing both.

As a plausibility probe for wider investigations, we set out to research whether an International Relations course concept utilizing the classical board game Diplomacy with pedagogically altered rules and gaming conditions enhances students’ (n = 23) understanding of discipline-specific knowledge and future skills.

Artikkeli • Mette Ranta & Anu Raijas

Perhe- ja yksilötekijöiden yhteys itsenäisesti asuvien nuorten taloudelliseen eriarvoisuuteen

Suomessa nuoret itsenäistyvät eli muuttavat pois lapsuudenkodistaan kansainvälisesti tarkasteltuna varhain. Perhetausta ja nuorten nykyinen taloudellinen tilanne määrittelevät nuorten mahdollisuuksia selviytyä taloudellisesti itsenäisestä elämästään. Artikkelissa tarkastellaan itsenäisesti asuvien nuorten taloudellista tilannetta ja tarkemmin heidän kokemustaan tulojen riittävyydestä ja sitä selittävien perhe- ja yksilötason tekijöitä, jotka eriarvoistavat nuoria taloudellisessa pärjäämisessä.

Nuorisotutkimus 4-2020 / 38. vuosikerta.

Linkki Nuorisotutkimusseuran julkaisut-osioon, ei artikkeliin.

Artikkeli • Terhi-Anna Wilska & Eero Rantala & Jesse Tuominen

Sosiaalinen media ja sosiaalinen tausta teini-ikäisten nuorten kulutusasenteiden selittäjänä

Tässä artikkelissa tarkastellaan sosiaalisen median vaikuttajien seuraamisen, kaveripaineen ja sisiodemografisten muuttujien yhteyttä nuorten kulutusasenteisiin. Tutkimus pohjautuu kuluttajaksi sosiaalistumisen teorioihin sosiaalisen taustan ja muuttuvan mediavaikuttamisen kentekstissa. Tutkimusaineistona käytetään 800:lle 15-19-vuotiaalle nuorelle tehtyä kyselytutkimusta.

Nuorisotutkimus 4-2020 / 38. vuosikerta. Nuorisotutkimusseura ry.

Linkki Nuorisotutkimusseuran julkaisut-osioon.

Artikkeli • Kruskopf, M., Hakkarainen, K., Li, S., & Lonka, K.

Lessons learned on student engagement from the nature of pervasive socio-digital interests and related network participation of adolescents

The rise of modern socio‐digital technologies has fundamentally changed the everyday environments in which young people communicate with each other and cultivate interests. To gain a more sophisticated understanding of this phenomenon, this study provides in‐depth, qualitative insights into adolescents’ experiences of their socio‐digital developmental ecologies

Artikkeli • Mette Ranta, Gintautas Silinskas and Terhi-Anna Wilska

Young adults’ personal concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic in Finland: an issue for social concern

COVID-19 pandemic by investigating their personal concerns about mental well-being, career/studies and economic situation. The authors investigated how young adults’ (aged 18–29) personal concerns differ from older people’s concerns (aged 30–65) and which person- and context-related antecedents relate to personal concerns.

Politiikkasuositus • Eija Seppänen

DigiConsumers politiikkasuositus: Talousosaaminen ja digitaidot pitää saada vahvemmin esiin koulujen opetussuunnitelmiin

DigiConsumers esittää politiikkasuosituksessaan kahdeksan toimenpidesuositusta, joiden avulla voidaan vahvistaa nuorten talousosaamista koulujen ja oppilaitosten opetussuunnitelmissa. Tavoite ei pelkästään ole nuorten talous- ja digitaitojen kehittäminen. Tavoite on myös nuorten elämänhallinnan vahvistaminen ja hyvinvoinnin edistäminen.

Artikkeli • Panu Kalmi, Sanna Eronen & Minna-Maarit Jaskari

Pelillisyys opetuksessa kiinnostaa – kokemuksia Vaasan yliopistosta

Tässä artikkelissa käsittelemme pelillisyyden käyttöä Vaasan yliopiston opetuksessa tekemämme kyselyn pohjalta. Tulokset osoittavat, että pelillisyyteen suhtaudutaan positiivisesti ja sitä hyödynnetään monipuolisesti opetuksessa, vaikka haasteitakin ilmenee. Tulokset viittaavat siihen, että pelillisyyden käyttöä opetuksessa voitaisiin entisestään lisätä yliopistopedagogisen koulutuksen avulla.

Artikkeli • Lonka, K.

 Ilmiölähtöinen oppiminen kasvatuspsykologian näkökulmasta

Teoksessa: Tarnanen, M., & Kostiainen, E. (toim.) Ilmiömäistä (s. 198—211). Jyväskylän yliopiston opettajankoulutuslaitos: Uutta luova asiantuntijuus –hanke. ISBN: 978-951-39-7792

Oppiainerajat ylittävät projektit ovat osa uusia opetussuunnitelmia ja ilmiölähtöisten projektien toteuttaminen luokanopettajakoulutuksessa antaa mahdollisuuden oppia niiden toteuttamista jo opiskeluaikana. Tässä artikkelissa tarkastellaan kasvatuspsykologian suuntautumisvaihtoehtoa luokanopettajakoulutuksessa
ja siihen liittyviä ilmiölähtöisiä projekteja. Sekä 20 vuoden kokemuksen että viimeaikaisen tutkimuksen perusteella kuvataan ilmiölähtöisten projektien toteutusta, taustaideoita sekä haasteita.


Book • Lonka, K.

Phenomenal learning from Finland

Edita publishing (2018). Translated in Chinese and Russian in 2021, and Spanish, Croatian, Korean, and Thai in 2020.

Finland’s PISA results have raised world-wide interest in Finnish schools and teacher education. What will happen next? Phenomenal Learning from Finland presents Finland’s path to 21st century competences and the exciting concept of phenomenon-based learning as part of the new curriculum.

International order: https://www.booky.fi/product.php?id=9789513773083

Finnish order: https://www.editapublishing.fi/muut/tuote/phenomenal-learning-from-finland

Spanish order: https://www.amazon.com/Aprendizaje-extraordinario-Finlandia-Kirsti-LONKA/dp/9586656195

Chinese order: https://www.amazon.com/Phenomenal-learning-interpretation-methods-education/dp/7521732286

Artikkeli • Lonka, K., Ketonen, E., & Vermunt, J. D.

University students’ epistemic profiles, conceptions of learning, and academic performance. Higher Education.

University students’ epistemic beliefs may have practical consequences for studying and success in higher education. Such beliefs constitute epistemic theories that may empirically manifest themselves as epistemic profiles. This study examined university students’ epistemic profiles and their relations to conceptions of learning, age, gender, discipline, and academic achievement.




Selvitys • Lonka, K

Selvitys koronapandemian lyhyen ja pitkän aikavälin hyvistä ja huonoista seurauksista koskien koulutusta, nuoria ja hyvinvointia

Teoksessa Heinonen, S., Elina, H., Aunesluoma, J. H., Meristö, T., Aunesluoma, J., Pantzar, M., Heiskanen, E., Hiilamo, H., Lonka, K., Vaattovaara, M. K., & Hukkinen, J. (2020). Koronakriisin yhteiskunnalliset vaikutukset: globaali järjestelmä ja Eurooppa. (Eduskunnan tulevaisuusvaliokunnan julkaisu; Nro 1/2020). Eduskunnan tulevaisuusvaliokunta.

Koko suomalaisen yhteiskunnan vahvuus on, että koulutusta arvostetaan ja että oppimisen ja koulun kehittäminen perustuu pitkäkestoiseen tieteelliseen tutkimukseen. Koronatilanne on poikkeuksellinen erilainen, sillä on pitänyt tehdä paljon päätöksiä nopeasti, ilman että meillä on ollut käsitystä mihin suuntaan tilanne etenee. Sen jälkeen, kun koronapandemiaa koskevat hallituksen ohjeet julkistettiin 12.3.2020, on tapahtunut valtavan paljon.

Raportti • Heinonen, S., Elina, H., Aunesluoma, J. H., Meristö, T., Aunesluoma, J., Pantzar, M., Heiskanen, E., Hiilamo, H., Lonka, K., Vaattovaara, M. K., & Hukkinen, J.

Koronakriisin yhteiskunnalliset vaikutukset: globaali järjestelmä ja Eurooppa

Eduskunnan tulevaisuusvaliokunnan julkaisu; Nro 1/2020. Eduskunnan tulevaisuusvaliokunta.

Tämä raportti kerää yhteen ja esittelee tulevaisuusvaliokunnan kevään 2020
aikana käsittelemät asiantuntijalausunnot COVID-19-pandemiasta. Esipuheessa kuvataan
lyhyesti myös sitä, millä tavalla tulevaisuusvaliokunta hankki tietoa pandemiasta ja sen seurauksista.

Tutkimus • Jussi Nyrhinen

Social Capital in the Digitised Servicescape

Digitalisation has placed retail stores under re-examination due to the changing servicescape (i.e. the shopping environment) and social interactions with store personnel and other customers that are experienced across both online and offline stores. This interdisciplinary dissertation seeks to fill a research gap in the marketing literature concerning the servicescape and the sociological theory of social capital, including how interpersonal relationships and social networks constitute the service experience and how the digital–physical servicescape facilitates trust, human contact and communities.

Raportti • Terhi-Anna Wilska, Jussi Nyrhinen, Jesse Tuominen, Gintautas Silinskas & Eero Rantala

Kulutus koronan aikaan – ja sen jälkeen

Jyväskylän yliopisto, N:o 212/2020.

Tutkimus COVID-19-epidemian rajoitustoimien vaikutuksesta kulutuskäyttäytymiseen, taloudelliseen toimintaan ja hyvinvointiin.

Raportti • Laine, Kati; Ahonen, Arto K.; Nissinen, Kari

PISA 2018 -talousosaaminen

PISA-tutkimusohjelma toteutettiin vuonna 2018 seitsemännen kerran. Taloudellisen yhteistyön ja kehityksen järjestön OECD:n toteuttaman tutkimusohjelman tarkoituksena on etsiä vastauksia siihen, miten peruskoulun päättövaiheessa olevat tai sen juuri päättäneet 15-vuotiaat nuoret osaavat etsiä, arvioida ja soveltaa tietoa arkielämän sekä tulevaisuuden tarpeista nousevien tehtävien ja ongelmien ratkaisemiseksi.

Suomi osallistui vuoden 2018 tutkimuksessa ensi kertaa talousosaamisen (Financial Literacy) arviointiin, joka oli tarjolla kansainvälisenä vaihtoehtona.

Raportti • Raijas, A., Kalmi, P., Ranta, M. & Ruuskanen, O-P.

Suomalaisten talousosaaminen: Analyysi 2000-luvulla tehtyjen tutkimusten ja selvitysten perusteella.

Talousosaaminen on keskeinen kansalaistaito, jota kaikki kansalaiset tarvitsevat markkinoilla toimiessaan sekä oman talouden raha-asioita hoitaessa. Tässä raportissa tarkastellaan suomalaisten talousosaamisen tilaa uusimpien tutkimusten ja selvitysten pohjalta.

Bank of Finland: Expository Studies. A; vol. 119.


Artikkeli • Tuominen, H., Niemivirta, M., Lonka, K., & Salmela-Aro, K.

Motivation across a transition: Changes in achievement goal orientations and academic well-being from elementary to secondary school

The aim of this study was to examine the prevalence of achievement goal orientation profiles among Finnish sixth- and seventh-graders, the stability and change in these profiles across the transition from elementary to lower secondary school, and the profile differences in academic achievement (grades) and academic well-being (school engagement and school burnout).




Artikkeli • Talonen A, Pasanen J, Ruuskanen O-P

Exploring the Co-operative Form’s Potential in Crowdfunding: A Non-monetary Perspective

Technology-driven change has generated new, even revolutionary business models, characterized by high levels of user participation. In the finance field, business models based on crowdfunding have seen significant growth and entered use as an alternative means of extending access and gaining financing for various types of projects.

Artikkeli • Hietajärvi, L., Lonka, K., Hakkarainen, K., Alho, K., & Salmela-Aro, K.

Are Schools Alienating Digitally Engaged Students? Longitudinal Relations between Digital Engagement and School Engagement

This article examined digital learning engagement as the out-of-school learning component that reflects informally emerging socio-digital participation. The gap hypothesis proposes that students who prefer learning with digital technologies outside of school are less engaged in traditional school. Frontline Learning Research, 8(1), 33 – 55.

Artikkeli • Cornée, Simon; Kalmi, Panu; Szafarz, Ariane

The business model of social banks

The main reason for the existence of social banks is to fund other social enterprises. On that basis, Simon Cornée from the University of Rennes 1, Panu Kalmi from the University of Vaasa and Ariane Szafarz from the Université Libre de Bruxelles propose that social banks can operate profitably and still lend to their borrowers at attractive interest rates when their owners and depositors accept lower returns on their investments.

Artikkeli • Mette Ranta, Raija-Leena Punamäki, Angela Chow, Katariina Salmela-Aro

The Economic Stress Model in Emerging Adulthood: The Role of Social Relationships and Financial Capability

Families mobilize psychosocial resources to attune negative consequences of economic hardship, but research is lacking among youth. We propose an Economic Stress Model in Emerging Adulthood (ESM-EA) conceptualizing age-salient social relationships and financial capability as mediators between economic hardship and well-being. Sage Journals.

Research article • Sjöblom, K., Lammassaari, H. M. W., Hietajärvi, L., Mälkki, K., & Lonka, K.

Training in 21st century working life skills: How to support productivity and well-being in multi-locational knowledge work

(2019).  Creative Education, 10(10), 2283–2310.

Along with the rapid development of digital technology and the increasing proportion of knowledge work, work is becoming decreasingly defined by time and place, and more diverse in terms of both. As digital tools and multi-locational spaces become focal parts of human performance, the optimal use of these resources requires not only the ability to mechanically use them, but also the ability to develop useful behavioral strategies and practices related to them.

Research article • Talvio, M., Hietajärvi, L., Matischek-Jauk, M. & Lonka, K.

Do Lions Quest (LQ) workshops have systematic impact on teachers’ social and emotional learning (SEL)?

(2019).   Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology 17 (2), 465-494.

The global trend of new curricula in many OECD countries indicates that social interaction skills are becoming increasingly important. Educators need to start fostering the development of learners’ social competences, which requires development of their own knowledge and skills. This study investigated the possible change in teachers’ knowledge, their applied knowledge and their sense of competence during the Lions Quest (LQ) workshops. For us to measure this, the participants responded to the LQ inquiry.